Nathan Ferguson fights rare form of cancer

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Nathan Ferguson fights rare form of cancer

Nathan Ferguson has trained as a fighter at Dohjo Muay Thai on Charlotte Street… But now, the young Peterborough father is in the fight of his life with a rare form of cancer.      All good fighters have supporters in their corner and as Steve Guthrie reports, Ferguson’s corner is full.

Cassie Muir, Nathan’s wife

“ We’re praying for a miracle.  We need all the support we can get”.

Nathan has desmoplastic small round cell tumour soft tissue sarcoma. A very rare and deadly form of cancer.

Nathan Ferguson

“I’m tired all the time, day to day, it’s a struggle just to feel normal

Because of the cancer,   Nathan has had to quit work and his wife looks after him full time. A fundraiser is planned for next month and a GoFundMe account has been established. The family says the support shown to Nathan and his family has been outstanding

Jana Ferguson, Nathan’s sister

“I’ve had friend contact me contact me, I’ll put together a basket, I have photographers, offering their time, like Nicki Holiday’

Nathan has to travel to Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto for treatment. Money raised will help with expenses

Cassie Muir

‘As you can imagine our parking is astronomical, and food, while we were in toronto we have to go back every three weeks, minimum.’

Meaghan Hepburn, friend

‘Everything that’s been helping him is based on people messaging him, friends and family, people he hasn’t heard from in years, people he doesn’t even know everyone reaching out, the support is keeping him going right now.’

Nathan says all the support he’s received has opened his eyes and he wants to be able to support others in similar situations


‘You go day to day life, you don’t realize about the people around you until something like this happens and i still want other people in this situation to have this support, cause i couldn’t imagine…so i will definitely be out there helping”

The fundraiser for Nathan Ferguson is at Shots on George street on Saturday September 10 at 8 pm  The GoFundMme account can be accessed at

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