Chickens stolen; 911 for no hot water; apples, pears swiped

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Chickens stolen; 911 for no hot water; apples, pears swiped

Northumberland OPP weekend briefs:

Aug 19:
• Police were called to the Wesleyville Hwy 401 off ramp where a couple were outside of a car arguing. No criminal charges resulted and one partner, who lived locally, was driven home for the night.
• Report of 35 chickens stolen in the past two days from a Covert Hill Rd address in Alnwick-Haldimand Twp.
• Police responded to a domestic disturbance in Percy Twp where one partner was reportedly punching inanimate objects. Officers determined that financial stressors combined with alcohol use by one partner caused the other partner to be concerned enough to call police, no charges resulted and one partner spent the night elsewhere
Aug 20:
• Police responded to a disturbance at a Hamilton Twp home where an adult son, who had been drinking, scared family members enough that they locked themselves in a room. Officers arrested the man for breaching the peace and held him in custody until he was sober. No charges resulted.
• A guest at an Alnwick-Haldimand Twp resort mistakenly dialled 911 thinking she was calling the front desk. Officers attended and confirmed there was no emergency. The caller was simply wishing to report that she had no hot water in her room.
• An apple grower on Telephone Rd in Alnwick-Haldimand Twp reported frequent thefts of apples and pears from trees on the property. The public is reminded that thefts of crops such as this or as an example, corn can result in criminal charges of theft being laid.
Aug 21:
• A ‘road rage’ incident that took place in downtown Colborne resulted in the arrest of a 33 yr old local woman who was charged with Assault and Careless Driving. She was released with an impending court date.
• Report of a small, white electric children’s Mercedes toy car stolen from the parking lot of a Front St N business in Campbellford at approximately 9:25 p.m.
• Police were called to a Percy township property where an abandoned home was forcibly entered. Investigation ongoing.
Northumberland OPP officers also investigated nine accidental 911 calls, 10 motor vehicle collisions and 63 traffic related complaints over this weekend.

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