Mayor of Trent Hills battling cancer and the province

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Mayor of Trent Hills battling cancer and the province

The mayor of Trent Hills says Canada’s healthcare system has handed him a death sentence.
After being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, Hector Macmillan says he’s going to die without potentially life-saving surgery…. but he says the province won’t help him.
Sarah Deeth reports:

“They’ve sentenced me to die.”

Hector Macmillan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January,

and the mayor of Trent Hills says he was told that after radiation treatments the tumour would be surgically removed.

But Macmillan says that plan soon changed, when he was told he fell outside Ontario’s standard of care.

“And at that point the province stops paying for your health care, and that’s what happened to me,” Macmillan said.

Macmillan says he was offered palliative chemotherapy and radiation.

And given no other options, even though there is a machine in a Toronto hospital used to treat the tumours.

But Macmillan says that machine is not in use.

“The protocols are being developed as we speak they’ve been working on them for the last eight months, but they’re not willing to save me now,” he said.

Macmillian has been drinking Noni juice, he says has actually helped slow the growth of his


He’s also been talking to doctors in Kentucky who say his condition is treatable.

But that treatment costs three hundred and twenty thousand dollars, and the province won’t pay for it.

Macmillan confronted Health Minister Eric Hoskins about these issues at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario last week.

Hoskins said he was sorry for Macmillian’s plight, and acknowledged there are problems with the system.

“The most I can do, I think, is to ensure those decisions are made by Ontario experts who have the knowledge I will never posses, and that they make those decisions based on science and evidence,” Hoskins replied.

In response to the mayor’s plight the Trent Hills fire department started a GoFundMe campaign.

Fire Chief Tim Blake says the mayor’s fight is symbolic of a larger battle.

“If this operation is available in the United States, and Hector can go down and be successful with this, then we’re hoping someone from southern Ontario, northern Ontario, western Ontario can benefit from this, so it’s a bigger fight to us,” Blake said.

That website can be found at

“If we raise that kind of money we’ll go get the surgery ourselves in Kentucky,” Macmillan said.


The GoFundMe page:

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