Licence plate sticker price to increase again

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Licence plate sticker price to increase again

If you own a vehicle – get ready to pay more. On September 1st, the price for your licence plate sticker will, once again, go up. Steve Guthrie has reaction:

Currently it costs $108 to renew your license stickers.

As of September first the price will increase to $120 .Officially called validation tags, the price has gone 46 percent since the middle of 2012.
The government says the money from the fees will be directed toward building and maintaining provincial infrastructure like roads, highways and bridges People Newswatch spoke to said enough is enough
“I think that’s pretty rediculous You’ve already got so much costs for your regular like gas and upkeep and all that, so it gets pretty ridiculous when you add $120 just for a sticker.”
“I bought the 2-year sticker last year, kind of anticipating the raise but that seems like the way things are going lately, everything is getting more expensive”
“For 120, no, it’s the same thing we’ve been doing for years, haven’t seem much infrastructure built so, I don’t see why they have to go up that high”
Much the same sentiment is expressed over on our Facebook page
Arlene said ‘Oh sure.It’s just money.Take it all….And don’t even get me started on hydro!”
Lana says. ” The Ontario government is always increasing the cost of something…why do they think the people are made of money??”
But Miranda says “I believe it’s overpriced but having a license and a vehicle are a privilege and a luxury.”
Rubi believes “There is going to be a lot of people taking people’s stickers or just driving with out new ones”
And finally Sandi says “Perhaps they could take all of my money and give me an allowance”
After the last increase in 2015, the provincial government says Ontario has about 12.1 million registered vehicles meaning the increase will generate more than $120 million.

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