Cobourg man takes Muscular Dystrophy fundraising to new heights

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Cobourg man takes Muscular Dystrophy fundraising to new heights

It’s a new twist on a fundraiser that has already grown significantly in the last 8 years. Tyler’s Walk to Defeat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy will include a man sitting in a tree for 24 hours.
Lindsay Biscaia has the story…

SOT Tinney:
“I’ll be a little bit higher than that the day of but I have to tie my platform to the tree so it doesn’t swing all over the place.”
But this is the general scenario for Friday… when Rob Tinney will once again rise up into the treetops on this platform for 24 hours to raise money for Tyler’s walk… a fundraiser to defeat Muscular Dystrophy.
“Well I got the idea from Paul who raises money for Habitat for Humanity in Peterborough. He goes up onto the roof of Canadian Tire and spends 3 days there. And always in the back of my mind I remembered – what a neat event.”
Stand up:
Tinney says the Town of Cobourg has made sure that every single safety measure is in place before he heads up into this tree. For example, he has to make sure that he won’t become dehydrated. And just in case, he has to be prepared for strong winds, rain, and lightning.”
“I don’t want Ministry of Labour to be waiting for me when I lower myself down 24 hours later. But, I’ll be strapped in there and I do have a railing at the bottom so when I’m sleeping at night I don’t fall out.”
And it’s all to help Tyler Lynn.
Tinney says he met the 18-year-old through his partner.. who happens to be Tyler’s aunt.
“He’s so smart. And such a good attitude. I never see him be upset about his situation.”
This will be Tyler’s 4th year hosting his own walk.
And there’s no financial goal…he just wants to find a cure. Lynn:
“I guess just to raise as much money as we can. The main thing is to try to find a cure or something to make it better for kids that have it.”
“Here’s this little guy who has so much to offer but, you know, he’s trapped. I’m gonna trap myself in a little 4×8 platform for 24 hours in hopes that people will help with the cause.”
Tinney is hoping to raise 3-thousand dollars, and he’s off to a good start with friends and family already donating.
he will climbs the tree at 6 Friday morning.
In Tinney’s words – it’s time to get to the root of this problem.
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