New Accessibility and Sensory Path opens at St Joseph’s at Fleming Long Term Care Facility

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New Accessibility and Sensory Path opens at St Joseph's at Fleming Long Term Care Facility

Residents of St Joseph’s at Fleming and their families and friends can now enjoy a new accessible ‘sensory path’ at the long term care facility.  Medical studies have shown how important it is for everyone to get outdoors and as Steve Guthrie reports, it’s especially important for seniors.

(applause as ribbon is cut)

The new paved path will allow residents and visitors to walk around the facility, in all weathers and in safety

Patrick Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, St.Joseph’s at Fleming”

‘These are great homes, the newest designs. but like anyone, you get cabin fever and here especially, you can, instead of going uptown, you have somewhere to go that’s safe cause there’s different access”

The path is fully accessible and is open to the public.  It’s hoped students from nearby Fleming College, neighbours as well as residents will use the path.  It has a variety of sensory stimuli to broaden the experience for residents

Patrick Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, St.Joseph’s at Fleming”

‘So there’s sensory stations for residents and families, on this side there’s the birds, the colourful bird houses, again, all the senses, the sights, the smells, the garden’s for the flowers the memory gardens, there’s about five of the, there’s the pond, there’s four gazebos”

The project began in 2004 as the Fleming Gardent sanctuary but expanded with the help the military cadet movement, the Peterborough Horticultural society and many other local partners.  Residents council president John Gray says they have worked very hard on the garden and they are very happy with the result

John Grey, Resident’s council

“I snuck a couple of rounds while it was being built”

(And what do you think”

“Excellent, beautiful, it’s exactly what we had hoped for”

From a safety point of view, Patrick Gillespie mentioned the new paved path and it’s multiple access points would allow rapid evacuation of the facility during an emergency.

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