Trent/Fleming nursing program unveils new labs

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Trent/Fleming nursing program unveils new labs

The nursing program at Trent University has a few more teaching tools. Sarah Deeth visited Thursday as the school unveiled two new learning labs:

At first glance it looks just like any other medical office.
“It’s exactly what you experience when you go into an office of any sort. A nurse practioner’s office, a physician’s, wherever,” said second-year student Sylas Coletto.
But there’s one major exception.
This two-way mirror helps monitor everything that goes in on this mock-doctor’s office.
These rooms are simulation labs for students enrolled in Trent-Fleming’s School of Nursing.
And when it comes to such a hands-on career,
officials say it’s critical that students get that hands-on experience to be successful in the workplace.
“These kinds of spaces where they can practice those skills and apply all that material all that material that they’ve learned in the classroom are essential,” said Kirsten Woodend, Dean of Trent/Fleming School of Nursing.
The rooms are equipped with cameras and microphones, but Woodend says teacher interaction during mock-patient checkups will be minimal.
And she says students will have ample opportunity to review their own performances.
“Their ability to look at what they did and critique it and come up with better ways of doing things, if you provide those environments, if you facilitate that as the teacher, rather than just teaching it, they see it and they teach it to themselves,” she said.
Trent has two other simulation rooms, one designed to look like a small apartment, another that looks more like a hospital room.
Nursing can carry a heavy academic load but students like Syliss say the ability to practice what they’ve learned is just as important as what they read in a book.
“The tools are up here,” Coletto said, tapping his head.

“But they’re also right here,” he added, waving his hands.

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