Local agencies prepare plans if Canada Post strikes

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Local agencies prepare plans if Canada Post strikes

The clock is ticking down toward a possible strike or walkout at Canada Post.despite ongoing negotiations, the union issued a 72-hour strike notice yesterday… Meaning workers could walk off the job Sunday at midnight. With local reaction to the possibility of a mail stoppage, here’s Steve guthrie.


Agencies that normally mail bills or payments to customers are busy setting up alternative methods.  Peterborough Utilities is suggesting customers set up an on-line account to receive their bills.  Customers can get their balance on-line – this information is printed on their last bill or they can always call customer service.

Peterborough Social Services normally mails out cheques to Ontario Works recipients but has a plan in place in case of a postal strike


Dorothy Olver, Peterborough Social Services

“Sometimes payments come off every single day, so we are holding those here we are not putting them out in the mail, so people can come here and pick them up.  On Monday, we will make a final decision depending on how negotiations go over the weekend, to see whether the cheques that are due at the very end of the month, the large amount of cheques to go out, if the strike happens we are obviously going to hold them here and people can come here to pick them up”


We asked residents how much a postal disruption would affect them.


“Well as a student, waiting for cheques and everything for loans, keeping up to date with information so its interesting how that’s going to turn out.

“About 4 years ago, my admins letters to university got delayed about a month so that was very stressful and impactful”

“Won’t really affect me, all I   have is  my pension so,  I imagine they are going to be have people delivering pension cheques so wont really hurt me at all”

“I guess a little bit, I order  online sometimes but not significantly”


Seasoned mediator William Kaplan was appointed Friday by Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk to lead a team of interveners to seek an end to the months-long labour dispute at the Crown agency.


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