COPA for Kids event reaches new heights in 6th annual year

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
COPA for Kids event reaches new heights in 6th annual year

Saturday was a perfect day for flying and that was just fine with COPA – the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.

They invited dozens of youth to take to the air at the Lindsay airport.

Lindsay Biscaia has the story…


SOT – plane struggling to start

It’s an unnerving sound… especially if it’s your first time in an airplane.

SOT Pilot – “Alright lets get in the air… every body good?” “yeah!”

But once you’re in the air… the view makes it all worth it.

North Barrett:

“Are you excited about going up in the plane?

“Yeah I am.”


“Uhh a tiny bit. I’ve never been in a small plane before.”

North Barrett is one of roughly 200 kids who have registered for COPA For Kids at the Kawartha Lakes Flying Club.

SOT – door closes

SOT – plane taking off

….And away they go.

KLFC rep, Chris Woodhead:

“As being a pilot and an aircraft owner, one of the rights of passages, or the unwritten laws in aviation, is to pass the same thrill and excitement onto others.”

At this annual event, kids

between 8 and 18 can hop in a small plane with a registered pilot and fly for about 25 minutes.

The view overlooks Lindsay… all the way to Fenelon Falls.


“They get a briefing on safety, general aviation, a little bit of a safety lesson in one of the parked static planes, then do a circuit and get a certificate.”

SOT – “now grab your seatbelts there… and you buckle in”…

Overall there were 15 Pilots at Saturdays event.

Woodhead says they donate their time, their fuel and their planes for COPA.


“It is a close knit community but if you were to survey them, many many have obtained their inspiration for flying from a COPA event.”

Woodhead says most kids are looking pretty anxious before they get up in the air…

but once they land… it’s a whole new kind of excitment.


“There is perhaps this silent contentment on their faces. You have to probe them for any information about it and whether that is frm the overall experience.. I think that most of them are just in awe about it.”

And that was certainly North’s expression once his feet were firmly back on the ground.


“It was really cool. Even the cows looked like little people.”

“And what was your favourite part?”

“Maybe when they were going back and forth to turn. They went down really far and it was really cool.”

It’s not every day you can go for a 100-dollar plane ride for free… and catch a view like this.

LB, CNW, Lindsay

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