Officials sound alarm over Fentanyl crisis

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Officials sound alarm over Fentanyl crisis

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police has a grim warning. The organization says fentanyl deaths are skyrocketing, and cautions Ontario is on the verge of a spike in the number of drug-related fatalities. Sarah Deeth reports:

Law enforcement and health authorities are calling it a crisis after seeing a shocking number of overdose deaths in Western Canada related to bootleg Fentanyl.
“It’s one of the most deadly, if not they deadliest substances out there these days. Fentanyl in just it’s regular form takes only the equivalent of two grains of salt to kill a person,” said PARN’s Chris Jardin.
On Monday the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police warned that it won’t be long before that substance makes its way in Ontario.
“It is a problem in other areas. Have we seen it in Peterborough? Not neccessarily. What we’ve been seeing in Peterborough is our drug problem is still cocaine, but we’re now seeing it mixed with Fentanyl, which is a huge concern,” Peterborough deputy police chief Tim Farquharson said.
Fentanyl is a prescription drug for pain management, and abuse of it has been rampant for years.
Bootleg Fentanyl is an unregulated, home-manufactured version of the drug that’s increasingly being used as a cutting agent in other drugs like cocaine…
with increasingly fatal results.

“It is 100 times more stronger than morphine. Morphine is the base, so that’s a huge concern right there,” Farquharson said.
And when it comes to preventing an overdose death,
Peterborough officials have been handing out Naloxone kits to those who may be using an opiod. Naloxone can temporary ease the affects of a drug overdose,
buying time in critical moments.
And officials say it’s important those kits get in as many hands as possible.
“Everybody at the community is at risk, if you use substances of any kind, at any time, it is a good idea to have Naloxone on hand,” Jardin said.
Kits can be picked up at PARN and FourCast.

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