Social Media Party wants CKL residents to take their votes online

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A group of residents has launched a new political movement in the City of Kawartha Lakes.
It’s partly in response to the municipal core service review. And as Greg Davis tells us, the Social Media Party wants residents to get on their keyboards and let their voices be heard:

The goal of the new Social Media Party is simple – for residents to vote on every important issue ….not just vote for their councillor during the municipal election.

Peter Weygang: They simply turn us aside it’s like as if we are puppies yapping at the heels of an elephant it makes no difference whatsoever.they must be replaced.”

Strong criticism directed at City of Kawartha Lakes council for the ongoing core service review which has produced recommendations to close fire halls, arenas, libraries and cut services.

Peter Weygang and Stephen Clarke of the SMP say issues could be voted on via social media – gaging what people think and want almost instantly.

Stephen: We’ve never had this opportunity to be able to contact as quickly and effective and as peter has said we can put codes in so people only have one vote.”

There are also shades of criticism against amalgamation.

Peter: I don’t think Omemee is terribly interested whether they have a vote on the question of the Bobcaygeon arena so we go back to what we had before – small communities in control of their own destiny.”

Switzerland uses a model of direct democracy. and the SMP says Tweets, Facebook posts and emails could speed up the political process.

Stephen: Committee after committee, stakeholders meetings, 2 to 3 years nothing happens.
that’s not good enough for a young person who is used to instant access to social media, instant answers to responses.”

And residents we asked are on board with voting via social media

clip 1: Maybe you’re out of town and a vote is going on and you have a window to vote, doing it online would be excellent.

clip 2: For people who are in wheelchairs and cant get out and vote great idea.

clip 3: Most people have computers and especially in a small town like this social media reaches a lot more people

clip 4: I think it’s a great idea, especially for younger people to get involved in the community.

To reach the group online, visit

Stephen: We truly can hear what people want to say about how we want this place managed.

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