New homes needed for six German shepherds seized during OPP investigation

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The kennels are getting crowded at the Northumberland Humane Society in Port Hope. That’s after eight dogs – including six German shepherds – were recently seized during an OPP investigation.

And now the canines – ages 3 to 7 – need new homes. Greg Davis has more:

Kaylin Gerow hopes to adopt a German shepherd – one of six that recently arrived at the Northumberland Humane Society.

Kaylin: I like the way they look and the way they act. They’re just all around good dogs.

Eight dogs were removed from properties in Grafton and Colborne as part of a Northumberland OPP drug investigation.

The OSCPA  assisted police and say the German shepherds showed signs of abuse including mangled fur, a piece of an ear missing and one dog had a face full of porcupine quills.

OSCPA animal cruelty agent Kevin Foster: one guy was tied to a minivan, the others were tied to skids in the back. They had minimal shelter… I assume they were used for early warning or pretend guard dogs.

Despite their conditions, the German shepherds have been friendly and receptive to visitors at the shelter on Ward Street.

Kate Lennan, humane society general manger: These guys have been absolutely stunning. their personalities their behaviour, they are absolutely gorgeous dogs.

Greg: Each year the humane society’s investigations department receives about 300 calls to remove animals.

The new arrivals have meant cramped kennels with 15 dogs now at the shelter. Adoption requests have been pouring in and the canines will be available early next month after they are spayed and neutured.

Kate: We’ve got Zeke, we’ve got William, Paul, rhonda, Axle and Aria – two females, four males.

The shelter recently marked its 50th anniversary with efforts that raised $58,000. Then an anonymous donor came forward with a $50,000 donation.

Kate: We’ve got some repairs to do here at the humane society and thrift shop. $100,000 will go quickly especially feeding dogs like six German shepherds. The funds go to the animals and we appreciate the support so much.

Adoption requests will be accepted until Wednesday. And Gerow hopes she takes home her third German shepherd.

Gerow: They’re dogs you can make friends with so easily.they’re really likable.

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The humane society will be holding its annual Walk to Fight Animal Cruelty on September 25 at the Peace Park in Cobourg starting at 10 a.m.

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