Sentencing for Groves underway following murder trial

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Sentencing for Groves underway following murder trial

An emotional time in a Peterborough courtroom on Tuesday as as sentencing submissions began for convicted murderer Dorothy Groves. The family of murder victim George Mackenzie got a chance to look her in the eye as they read out their victim impact statements. Sarah Deeth has been covering this case and has more from the hearing:





Murder victim.

This is how members of George Mackenzie’s family described him as they took the stand in Superior Court, reading aloud their victim impact statements.

Sentencing submissions got underway for Dorothy Groves, who was found guilty of the second degree murder of Mackenzie in July following a lengthy trial.

Mackenzie’s body was discovered in his Aylmer Street apartment by Peterborough police. He was stabbed to death.

His daughter told court it’s been difficult coming to terms with the loss of her father, and understanding Groves’s motivation for the crime.

She told the court, “I have seen no honest or believable display of remorse on behalf of the convicted.”

The defence has submitted statements of their own, letters of support written by the friends and family of Dorothy Groves. From here it’s up to the judge to decide on which elements of those letters and the victim impact statements he’ll draw on as he forms his sentencing decision.

The hearing continues on Wednesday.

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