Teamwork focus of OPP Youth Camp at Pigeon Lake

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

A group of teens from around Central Ontario are at a special camp hosted by the Ontario Provincial Police this week. They are learning about teamwork, leadership and most importantly, about themselves. Steve Guthrie reports:

‘Can I go all the way up?”
Aislynn is one of a group of students about to enter grade 9 who are attending the Ontario Provincial Police Youth Camp at the Youth Leadership Camps Canada facility on Pigeon Lake. Two grade 8 students are chosen from each OPP Detachment in Central Region to attend the camp.
“Oh, its amazing. This is the best experience, this is even better than cadet camp because it’s, I dont’ know, it’s something about it”
Aislynn has done some climbing but not like the two stage rope work at the camp.
“I’ve done rock wall in Orillia but nothing like this. This was more fun than hard”
Each OPP detachment that sends students to the camp also contributes police officers to help out

Cst Jason Folz, Peterborough County OPP: “Yeah, we have some who have returning here for many years because they do enjoy the atmosphere and working with the youth.”
Other than rope climbing, the teams of campers were confronted with a rope spider web which they had to pass through without touching a rope. They had to work together to get all the team members through the various sized holes. Sometimes with success, sometimes not so much
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Youth Leadership Camps Canada regularly hold retreats and camps to allow participants to learn about the leadership qualities they have but may not be aware of.

Shelby Stevenson, Youth Leadership Camps Canada: “People who are shy or quote unquote introverts they sometimes don’t realize how many skills and what really great qualities they actually have? What we do here is pull that out of them. And some kids who are really outgoing how they can step back and let others take the lead”
“Good job guys, didn’t touch it at all”
The OPP Youth camp contiues until Friday
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