Another mural unveiled under the Hunter Street Bridge

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

The Hunter Street Bridge is the largest un-reinforced concrete bridge in the country-
and as Jesse Thomas reports, now after a second art installment is complete it might be one of the most colourful bridges as well.

A brand new mural has been unveiled under the Hunter Street Bridge. It’s the second installment of a city commissioned art project. This time Edmonton artist Jill Stanton gives an ant’s perspective of the earth with her work she calls “bloodroot.”

“It was a lot of late night, and long hours. a lot of figuring out how to do the drawing in the space but I think it turned out quite well and i am really happy.”

The artist was hand selected by a local jury and commissioned by the city to paint the mural.
it took her nearly 240 hours to complete.

“Biggest challenge for sure was the archway itself and free handing the drawing onto the archway was pretty challenging. I just sort of went up in the scissor lift and then went down to check it out. ”

Artspace curates the project which now has two giant murals and next year will feature a third. the city paid $30,000 for the creations.

“This is a project that is going to be a part of the community for a long time and the artist needs to be paid just as someone who does work in the community, like someone who picks up the trash and cleans the trash should get paid fair for their work someone who does work like this should get pair fair as well.”

“This outdoor art is a wonderful thing for the city it preserves the space and then nobody comes and messes it up.”
“You get transported in this ants view its just makes you feel kind of miniscule and its rather neat and sublime feeling.”
“There was some grumbling about there not being a local artist but its bigger than that its about this space.”

A call will go out for submissions for next year’s installment. the plan is to keep filling the archways with art- to make this unique structure come to life.

Jesse Thomas CHEX Newswatch Peterborough

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