Kawartha Montessori School prepares for back to school

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Kawartha Montessori School prepares for back to school

Wednesday marked the 146th anniversary of the birth of Maria Montessori…the creator of the Montessori education system. Thursday in Peterborough,  staff at the Kawartha Montessori School was preparing for the start of the school year next Tuesday.  Steve Guthrie checks in on those preparations.


Meaghan King teaches the Casa class, which in the Montessori system includes primary students from ageS 2 1/2 to six.  Starting next Tuesday, the  newest students will come with their parents for a half day


Meaghan King, Casa Teacher

“We’re showing them around the school, showing them around the school, getting use to routines, show them some lessons, so when the returning students come the following week, the new students will have a sense of the classroom, their surroundings, without all the hustle and bustle”


With the range of ages of students in the casa classroom, the older students are encourage to help the younger ones


Meaghan King, Casa Teacher

‘When a younger child comes and asks the teacher something, we’d say, do you think you can ask an older child that or I can see this older child over here can help you with that instead, so talking to each other, and building that community instead of just solely relying on an adult for things they can accomplish on their own”


This will be the first year when all classes are together at the new campus on Highway 7.  The new school sits on 10 acres, all of which is used by the students


Jessica Hart, Director of Marketing, Communications and Admissions

“So they have the opportunity to work outside if they like, in fair weather, they are using our giant backyard for recess which is beautiful, but we also work it into our curriculum so the students will explore the outdoor area while doing botany lessons, they may do a creative writing lesson when they are out side we also make use of our lower field for our gym”


Classes for all students begin September 6


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