Beavermead Campground enjoys busy season

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Beavermead Campground enjoys busy season

It’s a crisp, sunny Friday morning at Beavermead Park…
The long weekend is hours away…
and the park is already busy.
“It’s a hidden secret in the city of Peterborough, because you really don’t know you’re in the city when you’re here,” said camper Jeff Crowe.
Located in East City, this space boasts 98 sites, links up to trails surrounding Little Lake and is a short walk to downtown Peterborough.
And it’s become increasingly popular with campers who live just around the corner.
“Well, we heard that renovations were done, so we wanted to check it out,” said Parkhill Rd. W. resident Diane Heron.
Last year city council invested heavily in Beavermead campground, spending just under six hundred thousand dollars to improve sections of the park,
and provide electricity and water to 25 additional campsites.
And it seems that investment is already paying off.
“And the other change has been last year we only had one night when we were fully booked, and this year we’ve had 16 nights when we were fully booked. So people have responded and they are really enjoying the new sites and services provided,” said ORCA CEO Dan Marinigh.
That’s true for campers like Mike Fisher, who has been here every long weekend this summer.
“We go to provincial parks, Balsam Lake, Sharbot Lake, and there’s many spots we go, but this is the place we keep coming back to,” said camper Mike Fisher.
Officials say Beavermead is slated to generate a small profit this season, about sixty thousand dollars.
The improvements, combined with the park’s quiet atmosphere and prominent location are proving to be a draw for campers from across the province.
The Bayly family came up from the Windsor area to spend the weekend with their daughter, a Fleming College student….
“So Saturday we’re going to go downtown for about half a day, and go see some of the sights, some of the patios, go see some of Jenna’s friends and just enjoy the culture of Peterborough,” Greg Bayly said.
Beavermead Campground is open until October 10.

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