Peterborough and District Labour Council hosts 26th annual Labour Day Picnic

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Peterborough and District Labour Council hosts 26th annual Labour Day Picnic



A day to celebrate unions and workers, while also drawing attention to such issues as minimum wage and equal pay.

A popular element of the day is the picnic which, in Peterborough, is still going strong after 26 years.

Lindsay Biscaia reports.


Marion Burton, Ptbo and District Labour Council President:

“Everybody knows workers who work part time, can’t get a full time job… University educated but can’t get a decent job.”

Labour Day is a day for workers…

And while this annual Labour Day picnic is meant to be fun for workers and their families… it also has a stronger meaning.

Council president, Marion Burton, says they’re fighting to make labour laws fair for all workers.


“It’s regarding the changing workplace review that the government is currently undertaking, looking at employment standards and labour law.”

Burton says these labour laws haven’t been looked at since the 1990’s.

And she believes that in the last 20 years.. workplaces have changed a lot.


“We need laws in place that reflect the issues and concerns of workers in this day and age.”

But there didn’t seem to be many concerns about labour laws at Monday’s picnic…


“I think everything’s great.”

“I’d say they’re middle of the road. Yeah they’re not the worst in the world, I mean I’ve been to countries where the labour laws – they don’t have any pretty much, and that’s sad, you know you see the affect of people on that.”

“I don’t know if they’re fair.. but they’re okay but they can always be improved.”

Other tables set up at the picnic today rallied behind keeping hydro and health care public..

There were also labour unions, such as Service Employees International that is pushing for retirement security.

Spokesperson, Jill McEnaney, says the picnic is a great opportunity to inform people… and recruit new members.


“It’s getting larger every year, we’re getting a lot more members out. We already have… I’d say 20 people so far.”

McEnaney says that’s a much larger number than the 6 members who joined last year.

September will see many more events like this Рaimed at fighting for workers rights Рbefore World Day for Decent Work on October 7th.

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