City hires consultant to examine potential sale of PDI

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

It’s been a hot button issue in Peterborough- the potential sale of PDI to Hydro One.

City council hired a consultant as an independent third-party to look into the idea…and tonight, council and members of the public had the chance to hear what they had to say.

Lindsay Biscaia reports…

The idea of selling PDI to Hydro One has been largely unpopular with the public…. which is why members of Save PDI were found outside Market Hall protesting before the big meeting.

Save PDI Chair, Roy Brady:

“What I’m afraid of is that the company is going to frame their report in what the City and Mayor’s office want. Cause you want to be hired, you gotta kind of deliver to the people who hired you.”

But presenters from Navigant Consulting made it clear – quite quickly – that they would not be taking sides.

Director, Benjamin Grunfeld:

“At this stage we’re not making recommendations or providing an opinion on the transaction. It’s more of an informational presentation to give you background on the industry and the trends that are impacting it.”

Councillors had the opportunity to ask questions….


The presentation looked at electricity distribution both in Ontario and around the world.

It also looked at Peterborugh Distribution itself.


“PDI has sort of under-earned relative to the approved amount. And has under-earned relative to the industry average.”

Grunfeld says the industry is going through a period of change. One of the “emerging opportunities” that the consultants presented at Tuesday’s meeting was the “Energy Cloud”.


“It’s really this idea that it’s a much more distributed model. You have a more interactive system between customers and suppliers.”

Next week’s committee of the whole meeting will allow the public’s opinion on the sale of PDI.

It will, again, be held at Market Hall.

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