Local reaction to Hockey Canada Transgender Inclusiveness policy

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Changes are coming to local minor hockey dressing rooms.  Starting this season, transgender inclusiveness will go into effect right across the province. This after a trans-gendered teenage boy from Oshawa filed a human rights complaint against Hockey Canada.

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17-year old Jesse Thompson, filed the complaint in 2013. A settlement was reached in 2014 but it has taken until now for Hockey Canada to finalize the new policy.

It says  “..players who identify as trans can use the dressing room corresponding to their gender identity, be addressed by their preferred name and pronoun and have their privacy and confidentiality of their transgender status respected’

Walter DiClimente, President, Peterborough Minor Hockey Council

“We will work with our parents, our coaches, our staff, to ensure we abide by the policies to make sure that the transgendered community are treated fairly and are given the opportunity to be equal like the rest of our players are”

Psychotherapist Jan Tkachuk says it’s ironic that Thompson had to bring all the attention to himself when all he wanted to do was play hockey”

Jan Tkachuk, CMHA Gender Journeys Team

“People who are trans or are in transition, the last thing they want to do is have a big deal made of it, they just want to carry on in life in the gender they know that they are. So for him to do this, and I was reading a little bit about why he’s doing this, to help other people, is a great gift he is giving to society as a whole”

Tkachuk says the new policy, like all anti-discrimination regulations, is a good start but people will have to not just obey the new rules but live them.

Jan Tkachuk, CMHA Gender Journeys Team

“The Ontario Government has been doing a really great job with anti-discrimination laws but unless people follow through, and honor those and respect those, and teach those, we have a really big problem”

Currently the policy applies only in Ontario Other provinces are expected to follow suit.

Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch, Peterborough


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