More teens contemplating suicide: Study

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

A new study shows many Canadian teens have seriously considered suicide. The survey, done by Kids Help Phone, uncovered some alarming stats. Sarah Deeth has the story:

“My brother was a really big nerd, in all honesty.”
Nine weeks ago, Kate Miller-Booth lost her older brother to suicide.
“My brother was pretty close to me, we were best friends, so doing this for him is pretty good,” she said.
Miller Booth is participating in Team 55’s Friday Night Light’s Football Event at the end of September, which raises money for suicide awareness and prevention programs.
Local Canadian Mental health Association spokesperson Kerri Davies says 16 local residents have sought help in dealing with suicide since June.
“We know these numbers can be reduced through education, public awareness and improved mental health services,” Davies said.  A report released by Kid’s Help Phone indicates one in five Canadian teenagers has considered suicide within the last year…
And never spoke to anyone about it.
“Across Ontario and Canada suicide is a really high-rising epidemic that’s happening,” Trent Central Student Association president Ailaine Spiwak said.
Spiwak says being a student can be stressful, between paying bills, paying tuition, studying and being away from home.
So Trent is putting a bright light on the issue,
and held a five kilometre colour run Thursday to raise money to buy a yellow friendship bench for the university.
Spiwak says the bench will hopefully generate discussion about suicide.
“And one of the ways to combat that is to talk about it. Check in with one another. We’re supposed to be here for our fellow students and for our friends, so let’s not make it something that’s weird. Let’s talk about it and ask people how they are and know where they can seek help, and know for ourselves where we can seek help,” Spiwak says.

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