11 new honourees at Saturday’s Pathway of Fame Induction Ceremony

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
11 new honourees at Saturday's Pathway of Fame Induction Ceremony

It’s been a very special day for 13 Peterborough and area residents who were inducted into this year’s Pathway of Fame.
As Lindsay Biscaia reports, there were jokes and laughter…even a few tears at the ceremony.


SOT – Sylvia Sutherland

“For now I thank you for the privilege of being on the Pathway of Fame, and I thank all of Peterborough for the privilege that you gave me the opportunity to do.”

There were 13 recipients for 11 awards at The Pathway of Fame ceremony Saturday..

Including…. Sylvia Sutherland, Dan Fewings and Justin and Mark Hiscox.

Fewings award fell in the Dramatic Arts category … partly for the amount of hours he’s volunteered at various functions.


“I, really, am so honoured to be here. And the way I look at it is you’ve also, in be-stowing this honour, upon my you’ve also saved me about $25,000 for a grave stone, now I’m just gonna tell them – go to Peterborough, sprinkle the ashes on the stone! So I see this is incredible.”

The laughs continued as brothers Justin and Mark Hiscox were inducted in the Entertainment/Musical category.


‘I’m very thankful that Justin and I were actually able to fit under that trellis. The whole first hour of this ceremony I was wondering ‘will we make it’?
There’s a big cake downstairs.. we’re both thankful for that too.”

The two musicians are the first pair of brothers to become honorees in the Hall of Fame.

Vice Chair, Geoff Hewitson, says there is a new category this year.


‘Yes Builder. Builder is a new category. We felt this was necessary. This pertains to people who have been instrumental in the development and direction that Peterborough has taken.”

The late Samuel Strickland was the inductee from that category…
The award was accepted by Stan MacLean, President of the Fenner Foundation.


“It is very humbling to stand here before you to represent a man such as Sam Strickland.”

Hewitson says the committee gets criticised as to how people are nominated… so this year, they set the record straight.


“The person or persons must be nominated by a member of the community, and then scrutinised at the hands of the selection committee. So don’t get the idea someone is just picking a name out of a hat.”

For a full list of today’s inductees … and to nominate NEXT year’s inductees – head to www.pathwayoffame.ca

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