Delegates have their say about PDI sale at Monday’s council meeting

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Delegates have their say about PDI sale at Monday's council meeting

Tonight’s City Hall meeting took place at Market Hall – to make room for the delegates who lined up to speak against the sale of Peterborough Distribution to Hydro One.
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SOT: Delegates
“I strongly support retaining PDI services.”
“Let’s not sell now, let’s keep PDI local, let’s keep PDI public.”
“It’s not like you own a car that decreases in value the more you own it. Our hydro is going to increase in value. Why would you sell that?”
The message from delegates at Monday’s meeting was pretty clear – all 13 were against the sale of PDI to Hydro One.
Dozens showed up for the meeting…. but there was still some empty seats.
Many delegates commented on last week’s presentation from Navigant Consulting – an independent third-party hired by council to weigh in on the decision.
Roy Brady, delegate:
“I felt that there was a very dismal, brief, hasty last action by Navigant second representative. In that particular section, economics was mentioned. Nothing else. Nothing! Just economics. And to me that was the most biased part of the report.”
CUPE President, Fred Hahn, spoke as an un-registered delegate.
He commented on a poll that CUPE conducted in Peterborough.
‘We found that 93% of residents last April opposed the sale of PDI.”
Hahn says the pollsters were so shocked about the poll results that they asked CUPE if they could sample even more of the population.
Coun. Riel:
“I’ve had hundreds of phone calls, hundreds of e-mails, many people stop me on the street and many people stop me in the store and yelled across at me ‘Don’t sell PDI!’. What do they know that I don’t know?”
‘Well I think the question might be what you know that they don’t know. Because you’ve been talking about this for a couple years and they’ve really just been brought into the conversation but I think what they know is that they own it. Their taxes have bought and paid for it and they weren’t consulted about selling it before hand.”
Councilor Diane Therrien wanted to hear about other municipalities, such as Orillia, that have already gone through a similar sale.
Coun. Therrien:
“Can you talk a little bit about what the impact has been on those communities that you’ve heard from the CUPE members and workers from the families there?”
The discussion is far from over….
But Council will take the next step as it looks at new ways to engage the community.

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