Pig’s Ear Tavern up for sale

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Pig's Ear Tavern up for sale

After decades of wiping tables and pouring beer,
John Punter is calling it a day. The co-owner of the Pig’s Ear Tavern put the building,
and the business,
up for sale last week.
“We decided to do it now because sometimes selling a commercial real estate can take a long time, sometimes up to two years before you get the offer you want,” Punter said.
Punter hasn’t always run the Piggy.
The British ex pat spent three decades in the music industry,
and working with some of rocks biggest bands.
“Roxy Music, Brian Fairy, Nazareth, Slade, Japan, the Spoons, John Mellencamp. A whole lot of people over a 30 year span,” he said.
Punter quit the music business in the mid 90s, and joined his wife Lylie in running the Pig’s Ear full time.
It was Lylie’s parents who first opened the bar in 1974, and Punter would eventually take over the bar from his in-laws.
“We’ve barely changed anything. So about the only major thing that we’ve changed is the floor in here and building a patio out back.”
And perhaps that’s part of the Piggy’s charm…
A space that offers up lots of beers, without any of the extra frills.
“It’s part of it’s charm. You know, the old chair, the damaged tables. The kind of worn nature of it,” the DBIA’s Terry Guiel said.
Guiel says the Pig’s Ear Pub likely wouldn’t fare well outside downtown Peterborough…
A true local landmark that carries a strong sense of nostalgia.
Punter says he won’t shut the doors until it’s sold.
“But it would be great if someone who knew the bar and understood the bar bought it so they could carry on the legacy and tradition we’ve built up for the past 20 years.”

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