Burleigh Falls condo project appeal underway

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Burleigh Falls condo project appeal underway

An appeal of a planned condominium project is now before the Ontario Municipal Board.
The hearing began today (Tuesday) at the community centre in Woodview.
Our Mark Giunta was there.

It was standing room only at the first day of a lengthy Ontario Municipal Board hearing in Woodview.
Inside, several groups are coming together to begin another chapter in the battle with a developer to keep a condo project from happening in Burleigh Falls.

Peter Tasse – From Burleigh Falls:
“My view is that it’s sacred land. The landscape itself speaks.”

The plan is to build 60 condos along with tennis courts, docks as well as parking and roads.
But, last year, North Kawartha Township denied an application from the developer to change the zoning to build on that land.

Curve Lake First Nation is one of the parties that’s against the development.

Chief Phyllis Williams:
“The fact there are archaeology finds and ceremonial places that have been identified.”

Chief Phyllis Williams says the process has been frustrating so far.

“We expect developers to speak to us before they start. Not certainly at the end of the process.”

Another group standing up to the developer is “Friends of the Fraser Wetlands”

Kate Reid, president of Friends of the Fraser Wetlands:
“We fight this battle so that environmentally, the lake is kept as pristine and clear as we can. Protecting the wildlife and water quality.”

The developer, Burleigh Bay Corporation, as well as its lawyer couldn’t be reached for comment by our deadline.
The hearing continues in Woodview on Wednesday.
It’s expected to last four weeks.

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