Victim Services ask the public for their old cell phones and chargers

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Victim Services ask the public for their old cell phones and chargers

Victim Services of Peterborough Northumberland are looking for – not only your old cell phones – but the chargers that go with them.
Lindsay Biscaia has the story…

Cst. Jason Folz, OPP:
“It’s simply like a 911 phone. Access to a lifeline if you will.”

It’s not a new program – the O-P-P and Victim Services tries to provide help as quickly as possible to victims of violent crimes – by giving them cell phones they can use to call for help.
Victim Services provide these phones to many organizations – including the Y-W-C-A downtown Peterborough.
Executive Director, Lynn Zimmer, says many of the victims are women who have experienced abuse or assault.
‘Having that phone, that little bit of extra safety and the capacity to call someone can be really really important. It can be how she phones the shelter and gets herself there the first time.”
Stand up:
“Zimmer says the most ideal phone for donation is actually one of these flip phones. She says that way women can’t be tracked on it like you can be on a smart phone.”
“So the phone needs to be still working, it needs to have it’s power cord with it. And then we can do the rest.”
But as obvious as that may seem – Lesley Kirton with Victim Services says they are in DIRE need of wall chargers to go along with the amount of phones they have.
She says they can only send out the complete package when they have a phone that comes with a charger.
SOT – Kirton
“This is what it looks like when they put them together in a zip lock. So they get a charger and a phone, and again our card with the information for emergencies. And if we have car charges we put them in but the main charger we’re looking for is the wall charger. Even if it’s just the little one that pokes into the wall and we can put the USB cord in it – we have some of those also that we can share with the victims.”
If you have an old phone and charger – you can drop them off at Victim Services in Peterborough, or at the Cobourg OPP detachment.

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