(Updated) Police investigate mysterious fake bills found around Cobourg

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(Updated) Police investigate mysterious fake bills found around Cobourg


An update now to the case of the fake bills taped on the walls of Cobourg high schools this week.

The bills led people to a website that had a countdown timer on it. It turns out, anti-abortion activists were behind it. The website displayed a very graphic anti-abortion video and then froze the computer screen.


The Cobourg Police Services increased its presence at St. Mary’s School and Cobourg Collegiate Institute after fake bills started showing up at both schools on Friday.
Lindsay Biscaia has the story.

“It’s pretty sketchy.”
That’s the popular opinion from students… after more than 100 fake bills were taped to the outside of St. Mary’s School in Cobourg Friday.
Cobourg Police say the bills are fake…
they contain biblical messages and pictures.
This student – who didn’t want us to use his name – says the bills have been found everywhere around the school.
“On the walls, outside the school, like on signs in the parking lot, and lamps.”
Stand up:
“This student actually found this particular bill at a McDonalds downtown. He says if you look closely there’s actually lots of hidden meanings IN the bill.”
“It says ‘We kill god all day every day’, and when you bend it, it says LORD on it.”
There’s also a web site hidden in the letters of the bill.
The site has a clock counting down to tonight..
September 14th at 7 p.m.
But Cobourg Police Chief, Kai Liu, says he doesn’t want the community over reacting to these messages.
“What we’ve found through our investigations so far is that there is no threat to the schools, there is no threat to the student safety or staff members here.”
Liu says the increased police presence is to ease the anxiety that’s being felt around the school.
But through social media, Liu says the students have already expanded the rumours of what’s going on…creating more fear.
“Half of the people at this school didn’t come today because, you know, they’re kinda sketched out by it.”
Galen Eagle with the Catholic School Board says the board has to be careful that they’re not overreacting to the situation.
“Our message to parents is please be aware that there is no specific threat, that we would never put student safety at risk.”
There are reports of these same bills being circulated through the Unites States.
Police are still investigating, and say they don’t yet have any evidence as to who has been dropping off these mysterious bills.

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