New marijuana store is illegal: Peterborough Police

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
New marijuana store is illegal: Peterborough Police

Peterborough’s first marijuana dispensary is open for business on George Street.
And it’s selling to both recreational and medical users over the age of 19.
But police say the business is illegal and have issued a warning to the store’s operator.
Mark Giunta reports.

It’s just after 10 in the morning on George Street and business is booming at Cannabis Culture… the city’s first marijuana store.

The waiting room and the back room are full of both clients and people, who are curious…

“15 a gram. For a quarter, it’s like 60-70 bucks. It’s not bad.”

“It’s a lot easier getting in here where it’s available, instead of being in pain for 3 days.”

“I don’t think it’s going to last… But people may as well take advantage of it while they can.”

Richard Standen is the Peterborough store’s operator.

He says staff checks for I-D to make sure they are over the age of 19.

“They’re coming in for either medical marijuana, to help with the pain, or they’re coming in for their recreational THC marijuana products.”

But this storeĀ isn’t licensed through Health Canada.

While marijuana legalization has been front-and-centre with the Trudeau government…

It is still not legal just yet.


“We are not criminals. We are just trying to help everyone.”

Insp. Larry Charmley – Peterborough Police:

“It’s not law yet. So all laws that we have today remain in-effect. Nobody is above the law. We are quite concerned that someone can open a storefront and carry on business.”

And that’s why police hand delivered a letter to Standen on Tuesday.

“Served notification that we were aware criminal offences were occurring on the property.”

Late last month, another dispensary, G-W Weed Emporium, was expected to open on George Street, a block from Cannabis Culture.

But owners pulled the plug before it opened.

On Wednesday, the steady flow of customers at Cannabis Culture was cut-off three hours after the store opened.

Staff said they had run out of product and would be getting more soon.

The store’s sign says its open 10am to 10pm…

7 days a week.

Police say they will continue to monitor the store.

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