Cannabis Culture operator released on bail

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Cannabis Culture operator released on bail

“It’s nice to be out,” said Richard Standen, stepping out of the Simcoe St. courthouse.
Standen walked out of court Friday after spending the night in jail, released on bail.
But he wasn’t talking about his recent run in with the law…
“I’m a firm believer, my beliefs do not change and my own personal opinion, which happens to be that people should allowed to medically and recreationally use marijuana, cannabis,” he said.
Standen is charged with trafficking marijuana, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime.
He was arrested Thursday after police raided his George Street store, Cannabis Culture.
But right now he’s banned from the shop, and from handling any drugs or drug paraphernalia due to his bail conditions.
His lawyer, Murray Miskin, says his client wasn’t in it for the money.
“He was in the business to supply this community, I could use the word needed, but I think desired is more appropriate, much desired products,” Miskin said.
The arrest caught the attention of Canada’s prince of pot Marc Emery,
who tweeted Thursday night that he was coming to Peterborough Saturday to protest outside the police station, from 1in the afternoon, to 4:20.
And Standen returns to court October 6.


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