Drew Monkman talks about latest book “The Big Book of Nature Activities”

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Drew Monkman talks about latest book "The Big Book of Nature Activities"

Local naturalist, Drew Monkman, is giving talks after co-writing a new book on enjoying the outdoors.
Today, he was at Princess Gardens – speaking to the Women’s Arts Association.
Lindsay Biscaia has the story…

Connecting people of all ages with nature…
That was the topic of Drew Monkman’s talk.
He’s discussing his latest publication; “The Big Book of Nature Activities”.
Monkman says he’s concerned that fewer and fewer children are spending time in the great outdoors.
“It makes us wonder who the conservationists of tomorrow are going to be when so many people are essentially inside or in front of screens.”
Monkman co-wrote the book with Jacob Rodenburg, who works at Camp Kawartha.
He says the book covers about 150 activities that families can do outside.
It also provides advice on how to tune in when you’re outside – Monkman says he fears people are losing touch with nature.
“By getting a sense of what is normal… when, for example birds return in the spring or when they leave in the fall… when things bloom.. In our time of a changing climate, things are happening earlier in the spring, their happening later in the fall. But most people would not probably know that or notice that unless they had that kind of baseline information.”
Many in the audience felt that this book couldn’t come soon enough.
“I wish that I’d had that book when I had children that were young enough to send them out to play in the woods, and accompany them. But as a grandparent their that much further removed, and that could be a little difficult.”
“It put as in touch with our environment in Peterborough itself, and also as we live in this world it looks at what is happening in the future.”
“My great nieces and nephews and thinking I’m going to get them the book for their cottage, and get them thinking the way Drew does.”
Monkman’s book can be found at Happenstance Books and Yarns in Lakefield, and Chapters.
You can also order it online through Amazon.

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