“Sad day for Peterborough:” Mayor regarding MOE Parkway order

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

The Ontario government says it cannot make a decision on the Peterborough Parkway construction project before it sees the results of more environmental assessment.

The decision came Friday from the Ministry of the Environment.

Mayor Daryl Bennett was quick to respond, slamming the government for stunting growth for the city, and causing the city to spend millions on makeshift traffic solutions.

“For a provincial government that claims to be focused on job creation and growth, this is disappointing. The order from Minister Murray is in many ways reflective of the position of our local MPP Jeff Leal and it has far-reaching financial implications for this City, both in the short and the long term. The cost of doing remedial work on other basic traffic solutions will be plus or minus $30 million over and above the projected $80-million cost of the two-lane arterial street in the Parkway corridor. This is a sad day for progress in the City. The citizens of the City will need to reflect upon this decision as we move into the next election cycle.,” he said in a prepared statement.

More coming.

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