Kawartha Food Share kicks off #OneBagChallenge to up donations

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Kawartha Food Share is looking at new ways to encourage food donations – just in time for Hunger Awareness Week.
Lindsay Biscaia has the story…

Remember the ice bucket challenge from a couple of years ago?
The fundraiser for ALS research was a huge success, raising millions of dollars for the cause – and lots of awareness….
It’s the type of buzz organizers of a new campaign at Kawartha Food Share are hoping to create with a challenge of their own…but this one doesn’t involve being cold or wet.
SOT – boxes being stacked
It’s called the One-Bag-Challenge.
Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge – THIS ONE also depends on social networking.
But General Manager at Kawartha Food Share, Ashlee Aitken, says this ONE Does more than just bring awareness to hunger.
“What we’re asking people to do is fill a bag full of food, take a picture of you donating it and then challenge 5 friends to do the same.”
Stand up:
“Aitken is hoping that this trend takes off relatively fast – she says they’re hoping to have 5000 pounds of food collected by Thanksgiving weekend.”
“So we’re off to a great start, we’ve had lots of donations come in already, so I think that we’ll be able to hit it.”
Aitken says Kawartha Food Share needs all the donations it can get right now – as the need for food is always at it’s peak in the summer.
“People tend to associate giving with the holiday season, so we’re coming up to that season now and our shelves are a little bit bare. So we’re really hoping to get it filled before then.”
The challenge was launched on the Kawartha Food Share twitter account Monday.
To participate, head to kawarthafoodshare.com

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