Marie Dressler museum to open in Cobourg

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Marie Dressler museum to open in Cobourg

She was a silver screen superstar, an academy award winner and at one time the highest paid actor in Hollywood.  And now a new museum dedicated to Cobourg native Marie Dressler is about to open. Here’s Steve Guthrie


‘Now I want you to get this right under your bonnet: I ain’t never going to leave this joint and I ain’t never going to live off charity”

Marie Dressler was born in this house on King Street in Cobourg in 1868.  At the age of 14, she joined a theatrical troupe and worked on the stage, in radio and in silent and later in sound movies.

Rick Miller, Marie Dressler Foundation.

“When she won the Academy Award in 1931 she was 62 years of age. And she really came into her own in the last years of her life, and was very productive in the number of films that she starred in, 1932 and 1933  she was the top grossing actor in all of Hollywood”

After the King Street house was badly damaged in a fire in 1989, the Marie Dressler Foundation was formed to raise money to save the house from demolition.

Rick Miller, Marie Dressler Foundation.

‘The early founders of the Marie Dressler foundation felt we should honor Marie, more than just saving her house, and build a memorabilia room”

They amassed a collection of artifacts,  photos, and posters and put them on display in a room in the home.  But after 25 years, it was felt they needed to create a proper museum with the latest in interactive features

Brittney Sproule, Exhibition Project Manager

“There wasn’t any film clips, there wasn’t anything like that, so you could really get a sense of her in action, and experience why audiences fell in love with her when she was so famous in the 30’s  so that’s was something that was really important to us to work into the new exhibit so we have film clips, we have audio clips of her singing”

Steve Guthrie, CHEX Newswatch

“The Museum officially opens this Saturday, the 24th, at one pm. This Saturday has also been declared Marie Dressler Heritage Day by the town of Cobourg.

Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch Cobourg.

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