Summer draws to a close, but drought remains

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Summer draws to a close, but drought remains

It is, perhaps,
a perfect day…
Wednesday’s warm weather offering a lingering taste of summer…
before the sun sets on what’s been one of the hottest and driest summers on record.
“We are seeing a bit more rain, but the levels still haven’t approached normal,” said Otonabee Region Conservation Authority’s Dan Marinigh.
For much of the summer the region grappled with drought…
a notable lack of rain leading to crunchy lawns and struggling trees.
And though the rain has come with more frequency lately…
don’t let all this newfound greenery fool you.
ORCA says it’s still not enough.
“This is about the amount the amount of rain it takes to replenish sub soil conditions and wells and things like that, and that’s a long term thing and maybe not something that is able to come before the snow comes and the ground freezes up,” Marinigh said.
And though that’s not good news for farmers at the Wednesday market,
Some say they’ll take whatever rain they can get,
no matter what the amount.
“It’s working out better than it was earlier in the season, so…,” one producer said.
While others are a little more optimistic about what lies ahead.
“Now that the rains have come, some of the things have recovered a little bit. What we’re hoping for is enough rain through the fall and winter for our season next year,” said Cyndi Leahy, with McLean Berry Farm.
And for the some, the official change in the seasons means a change in focus.
“We’re waiting for the first light frost to harvest the first tender squashes things of that nature that we put into storage, and and we wait for the first hard frost to give our carrots some flavouring,” said Circle Organice’s Andrew Flaman.

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