New Nurse Practitioner for North Kawartha Township

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
New Nurse Practitioner for North Kawartha Township

Residents of North Kawartha Township once again have access to primary health care.

As Steve Guthrie reports, a nurse practitioner hub has been set up in the Apsley Medical Centre and is looking for patients.

The grand opening ceremony Thursday in Apsley included a tribute to the area’s original Nurse practitioner Sally Khan who  worked in Apsley from 2008 to 2014 when she died.

Elizabeth Broomfield, Nurse Practitioner,

“Her heart was in it, her soul was in it, her mind was in it, she worked hours and hours, to serve the people of Apsley and their health care needs”

Big shoes to fill and the Peterborough Health Team also had to deal with the fact working RURAL areas like Apsley are not attractive to a lot of people.

Lori Richey, Executive Director, Peterborough Family Health Team

“Recruitment to an area like this is not that easy, so we did work diligently to find a nurse practitioner and thankfully Lorie Dunford came forward.”

Dunford, who had been a nurse practitioner in Peterborough had actually been approached by Sally Khan to help out

Lorie Dunford, Nurse Practitioner,

“But at the time I was working in Peterborough, the other thing is we we’ve  had a cottage in North Kawartha for years, so we were long term looking at the area as a permanent residence so we made the decision to come up here and the timing for the community was right too”

The NP hub shares a building with a doctor and a dentist to offer medical services close to home for  not only year-round but  seasonal North Kawartha residents as well”

Rick Woodcock, Mayor, North Kawartha Township

“It’s easier for them, as long as we are offering high quality services, to get their services provided here, then they go off to Florida for the winter, then come back and get follow ups.  It’s working well for them, it’s working well for the entire community.”

The North Kawartha Nurse Practitioner Hub continues to accept patients from the area. They can call 75-656-2222 to find out if they are an appropriate candidate.

Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch Apsley”

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