14th annual Peterborough Pride Parade sees largest turnout yet

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
14th annual Peterborough Pride Parade sees largest turnout yet

The 14th annual Peterborough Pride Parade saw the largest turnout yet this year.

Lindsay Biscaia reports..

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“Pride is actually super important because I get to find people who are a lot like me. And I get to have something in common with a ton of different people. And you see how many people this means a lot to.”

It was a meaningful day for many as Peterborough’s community came together to celebrate diversity.

Committee member, Trish Terryberry, says there’s been enormous progress when it comes to celebrating pride in Peterborough.

She says 14 years ago the parade started as just a small group of people.

“Walking down the sidewalk, you didn’t feel like you belonged or anything, and what people said and did on the sidelines was not very comforting at all.”

But it’s clear the parade has grown immensely since then.

And everyone had their own reasons for either spectating – or participating.


“This is family so this part of me – we gotta be proud of who we are and where we live.”

“I think it’s really important to advocate for everyone and that everyone should have equal rights.”

“I have a gay son. And he’s moved to Toronto, so I like to support him wherever I can.”

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There were roughly 40 floats in Saturday’s parade.

Terryberry says she was shocked at how many churches and school boards wanted to get involved this year.


‘More and more and more we’re feeling like we belong in Peterborough.”

It’s momentum Peterborough Pride hopes to continue gaining as we move forward.

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