Spokesdog, Lemon, is officially adopted at 2016 Friends for Life Walk

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Spokesdog, Lemon, is officially adopted at 2016 Friends for Life Walk

The Peterborough Humane Society held its annual “Friends for Life Walk” at Nicholls Oval Park┬átoday.

As Lindsay Biscaia reports… there was a very special spokes-dog at the event.

SOT – “Lemon!”

This is Lemon.

At first glance, she may look like an ordinary dog….

But – like many animals that pass through the Humane Society, she has quite the history.

New owner, Stacey Macpherson:

“The OSPCA found her and she had broken her back left leg. And it was broken for too long so she had her back left leg amputated.”

And while that may sound like a sad ending for Lemon – it was actually the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Stacey Macpherson worked at the clinic where Lemon had her amputation.

She says it was love at first sight.


“Her personality when she walked in. She’s so bubbly, she’s so wiggly. I just… I couldn’t say no.”

And at Sunday’s Friends for Life Walk, Lemon was officially adopted by Stacey.

SOT – Andrew : “This is exciting.”

ED, Ptbo Humane Society, Andrew Fraser:

“Lemon is an example of all the good work that we’re doing at the centre, and what we’re able to do because of the support of the community.”

The Friends for Life Walk is held every year to raise funds for the Humane Society.

Humans and dogs alike can walk either a 1K, a 2.5K or a 5K walk.

And Fraser says the event is a great place for anyone looking to adopt a dog.


‘We’ve got 5 adoption-ready dogs, or couch-ready dogs ready to find new loving homes.”

Macpherson says she has no regrets about adopting Lemon.

She says it’s a chance to give an animal another shot at life.


“It’s very rewarding to see the change that these animals can go through from being in a bad situation, like Lemon for example who had a broken leg, and give her a chance at a great life.”

For more information about the walk – you can head to the OSPCA website. (support.ontariospca.ca)

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