Kawartha Food Share reducing size of its warehouse

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Even as it’s in the midst of its ‘One Bag Challenge’ food drive, Kawartha Food Share is dealing with a general drop in donations at the same time there is an increase in demand.  As Steve Guthrie tells us, the group is also looking at ways of cutting costs.

On Tuesday, CHEX Television dropped off 150 pounds of food donated by staff to Kawartha Food Share on Neal Drive.  Officials with the food bank say food drives like ‘The One Bag Challenge’ are vital because the normal sources of donations are falling short.

Ashlee Aitkin, General Manager, Kawartha Food Share: “Leading up to our busiest season, we don’t get a lot of donations so often people associate giving with Thanksgiving and with Christmas and the rest of the months are quite quiet so we are really trying to ramp this up before the big rush comes”

Aitken says increases in the price of food is forcing some people to choose between buying food for themselves or donating it to the food bank.  Kawartha Food Share board chair Dave Ralph adds that corporate donations are down too.  He says businesses are more efficient, which means they have less product to donate.

Dave Ralph, Board Chair, Kawartha Food Share:  “We sent a truck up to Toronto every Monday for reclamation and that’s where they go around to the different grocery stores and pick up the goods like  dented cans and stuff like that, those donations are down”

Because donations are down and to save some money, Kawartha Food Share is reducing the size of their warehouse on Neal Drive by 5,000 square feet

Ashlee Aitkin, General Manager, Kawartha Food Share.

” We no longer need the big space, funding is down a bit, so we’re really trying to do what we can to make sure the people in Peterborough are getting the food they need but it’s difficult when it’s not coming in”

Upcoming food drives include the “Cram a Cruiser” event next weekend, and the”Three Loonies” event in December

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