New simple machine for sorting and filing medical samples developed by Peterborough company

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
New simple machine for sorting and filing medical samples developed by Peterborough company

The ability of small laboratories to control inventories of medical samples has taken a big step forward thanks to two Peterborough entrepreneurs. As Steve Guthrie tells us, their invention is called ‘Cap Track’ and today it was launched in Canada and the U-S


Steve Wright and Alex Bushell realized staff at small medical labs were spending a lot of time processing, identifying and retrieving samples. It was either do the work by hand or buy a fully automated system which can be expensive.  So, working with the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster, they came up with ‘Cap Track’


Alex Bushell, Lab Improvements

“We robotically recap the specimens after they have been analyzed and track their storage into the refrigerated storage and then we database those samples so in the event of a specimen recall the staff are easily able to walk in and retrieve those samples in a matter of minutes as opposed to potentially hours.”


“Cap Track” did not emerge fully in the minds of Wright and Bushell but was the subject of improvements as development took place


Steve Wright, Lab Improvements.

“Shortly after we began designing and building that, he came up with the idea of archiving the samples in the refrigerator. I immediately said that can’t be done because there’s no way of telling which ones go where. A few weeks later i came up with the idea of lighting the NES and using the colours to determine where the samples go”


Lab Improvements have been operating out of ‘The Cube’ incubator’ at Trent University, under the tutelage of the Innovation Cluster


Michael Skinner, Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster

“You know, one of the big challenges in selling a community is proving the community has the capacity to be successful. I think this is a great showcase of how Lab Improvements really shows what our community can do”


Steve Wright says traditional sample automation systems can cost upwards of 3 million dollars, while the cap track  is under 50 thousand dollars .”Cap Track’ will be built in the city with the capacity of churning out four devices a week.


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