City of Kawartha Lakes still in drought

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
City of Kawartha Lakes still in drought

It looks a little greener…
but don’t be fooled.
The City of Kawartha Lakes is dealing with a drought.
“We are still in a deficit, and the deficit is so great that a very significant amount of percipitation is needed to compensate,” said Iryna Shulyarenko, with Kawartha Conservation.
And there’s another factor at work…Climate Change.
Officials with Kawartha Conservation say residents are going to have to alter their behaviour and continue to conserve as the region tries to push back against global warming.

“That will help to develop resilliance that’s needed to help fight climate change within the watershed,” Shulyarenko said.
“Climate change really only hits home when we have events like this happening,” said Trent University’s Peter Lafleur.
LaFleur says there’s no mistaking the effects of climate change in the region…
But he says that doesn’t mean each summer will be like… and points out that other areas near our region got plenty of rain…
which he┬ásays may be another symptom of our changing world. Peter LaFleur (Trent University): “The patchiness that we’re seeing in climate trends is another we’ll have to adapt to, and to able to predict that patchiness is almost impossible, so we need to be prepared and ready for these types of events.
And the request to curb water use and the link to climate change is something C-K-L residents say they’re well aware of.
“Oh definitely. It’s definitely cause for concern. I have five children, so I worry about things like this,” one man said.
“You learn to conserve and you watch what you do, and it’s just become a part of life,” one woman said.
“I think people are becoming more and more aware of conserving water and shutting the water off,” another said.

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