Peterborough County holds 98th annual Plowing Match

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

The annual Peterborough County Plowing Match has been going strong for almost an entire century.

This weekend was the 98th match, held just outside of Bailiboro.

Lindsay Biscaia reports..


SOT – tractor shifting gears

Adam Crough is only 16 years old.

But this is his 6th time competing in the Peterborough County Plowing Match.

His father, Steve Crough, says he’s proud of his son – not only for his determination and perseverance – but also for having such an interest in something that many people his age lack.

Steve Crough:

“There’s not enough youth that are getting involved in plowing to keep this art going so it would be nice if other kids would get involved and I think there is ways they probably could, but they gotta stay with it.”

Adam generally competes in about 4 or 5 plowing matches a season.

But there’s lots of obstacles that come with plowing – and Crough says this particular soil isn’t great.


“Well, he’s not happy with it given the ground that’s there.”

Adam’s not the only one frustrated with the ground.

SOT – Kim talking to mules

Kim Ahdwen is competing in the horse classes with his two Tennessee mules – Loretta and Dolly.

But in his 15 years of plowing – Ahdwen says he’s seen better fields.


‘It’s not good plowing. There’s a lot of hard spots and stones that throw you up and down. One minute you’re going out of the ground and the next minute you’re going as deep as you can so it’s gonna be challenging.”

The match isn’t timed. Each competitor has 5 hours to plow their chunk of land.

Judges look at how straight the lines are, how clear each furrow is, and how little grass is left afterwards.


“All this land now is run with tractors. These plows were not made to plow where tractors were. So we’ve got compaction in the soil from tractors and the columbines going through.”

But the challenge won’t stop Ahdwen and his mules from continuing to plow.

He says it takes a competitive streak…a streak that runs even deeper than these furrows.

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