Hundreds join Run for Cure at Del Crary Park

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Roughly 700 people showed up to walk the 2016 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure Sunday.

The walk, which takes place in over 60 cities across Canada, was held in Peterborough’s Del Crary Park.

Lindsay Biscaia has the story….


“Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed Johanne Maddison has now been the Team Captain of Dream Angels for 16 years …

In that time, she and her crew have raised over two-hundred and sixty-thousand dollars for Breast Cancer research.


“We’re just a woman team. And everybody do their work, they work hard to raise some money.”

This year, the Dream Angels have raised just over 23-thousand dollars…

Maddison says her inspiration comes from Paige Sander – who raised 4-thousand dollars alone this year.


“Yeah I pretty much got the whole entire neighbourhood.”

Maddison says Sander lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just 5 years old.


“How old are you Paige, this year?”

“uhm, 11″

“11. That’s my inspiration. She’s the dream angels when I retire, she’s my replacement.”

But – even though Maddison keeps meaning to retire from the Dream Angels – she says she just can’t seem to stop.


‘It makes you feel very good. That little Dream Angels money will help somewhere for research.”

SOT – horn blows people start running

Co-Run Director, Jennifer Lamantia:cancer in women worldwide. And in Canada, one in 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.”

And while those statistics are frightening – Co-Run Director, Jennifer Lamantia, says the money for research has changed many things.


“With breast cancer, 88 percent increase in the survival rate – the 5 year survival rate – so lot’s of great work is being done.”


“We do something. That’s the important thing to the cause – we do something.”

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