Monument honouring Farley Mowat moved to more prominent location in Port Hope

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

A monument honouring beloved Canadian writer Farley Mowat in Port Hope is on the move.  The relocation will it will employ a crane, a parade of wheel barrows and an international team of dry stone wallers. As Steve Guthrie tells us, it will mean the monument will enjoy greater visibility in downtown Port Hope.



The monument represents an Alban house,  a walrus skinned boat inverted on a cairn of stones, built by hunters from Britain who built such structures in the Canadian North circa 600 AD.  Mowat told this story in his book, “The Farfarers”.

As no municipal land was available 10 years ago, the monument was erected at 20 Catherine Street,  the property of Stephen Smith, who was a friend of Mowat’s.  A working group called ‘Following Farley’ felt a more prominent public location was warranted.


“People were afraid to come and look at it because it was on private property, it wasn’t well maintained, as I got older I couldn’t keep the snow cleared, I mean we didn’t mind people coming and taking a look but how does a bus tour get down these lanes?”

Monday morning, the move began, with the removal of the boat and the numbering of the stones in the dry stone wall that supported the boat. The numbering will assist a team of dry stone wallers rebuild the wall.

John Shaw-Rimmington, Dry Stone Waller

“It should make it easier, we’ve obviously got to build it to the exact same height, and same length, it would be more difficult if there were no numbers, we’d have to re-invent how the stones fit and everything, it’s actually going to be harder to build this time than the last time because we could shape stones the first time,  but hopefully we won’t have to shape stone this time”

The monument’s new location will be more accessible to the public and will be close to Farley Mowat’s favourite places in town


“Across the river from the Port Hope Library, which was a favourite charity of Farley Mowat, He was frequently reading to children and this sort of thing. I mean he was a fan of libraries all over the world”

Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch

“The stones for the monument will be brought here to the park by the river Saturday at 11 oclock,  in a parade of wheel barrows. The dedication of the monument will take place Sunday at 3. Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch Port Hope”

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