No charges will be laid against Whisper Ridge Equine Sanctuary: OSPCA

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

The OSPCA has closed the book on the investigation into animal cruelty allegations at Whisper Ridge Equine Sanctuary in Norwood. It says no charges will be laid.

Melody Belfry has more:

Back in March an investigation was launched by the OSPCA after reports surfaced that several horses weren’t being cared for properly at the Highway 7 farm.

Former employees of Whisper Ridge Equine Sanctuary accused the farm’s owner of allowing animals to suffer, saying some horses died of malnutrition.

In the summer, several protests and rallies were held outside whisper ridge ….after images of dead horses appeared online.

Those images were unverified.

The investigation has now concluded and no charges are being laid against the farm’s owner Sandra Reed.

Still officials with the OSPCA say if anyone has any new information in the case you are encouraged to report it to the OSPCA.

And officials are also reminding people that it’s important to report animal concerns as soon as possible because the OSPCA can’t legally investigate if the evidence is older than six months.

Newswatch reached out to the owner of the sanctuary for comment, but she did not respond by our deadline.

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