Fundraiser Planned for Casa De Angelae

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There’s a fundraising concert coming up to support four Peterborough women with intellectual disabilities. They live independently at Casa De Angelae on Ackerman Court in an arrangement that may be unique in Ontario

Steve Guthrie has the story.


Andrea, Kelly, Katie and Amy live in the home, along with a mentor who provides support, supervision and encouragement.  Andrea’s mom says she was worried about what would happen to Andrea if she could not longer look after her. Brenda Dowey says the creation of Casa de Angelae was good for her and her daughter

Brenda Downey, Andrea’s Mom and Board Member

‘And I said what would you think about living in a home of your own, with Kelly and Katie and Amy and a lady who would live there with you …I’ll do that! It’s my friends, I’ll do that”. She’s learning constantly, from the other girls, from the mentor.  She’s become more independent than I ever thought she would be”

As co-chair of the  Casa De Anglla board,  Peter Roach is continuing his support for people with disabilities like the four residents he began in his former career as director of education for the catholic school board..

Peter Roach, Board Co-chair

“As my time as director , we had a number of individual classrooms for special needs students and I did away with that. Have the students integrated in as many programs as they can in the school.  And they can benefit from that significantly”

In many cases, when parents can no longer care for their children, the children end up in seniors long term care facilities. The Casa De Angelae model is proving attractive to many across the province.

Bonnie Nolan, Amy’s mom, Board Member

“We’ve been asked to go speak about our model, we’ve had many, many, many family members, community living members from across the province want to come talk to us, see the house and see how it runs”

To support Casa De Angelae, the board has organized a fundraising concert at Showplace Peterborough at 2 pm on Sunday October 23rd, featuring among others the New Horizons’ Band and the Citiots Improve troupe. Contact the showplace box office for ticket information.

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