Peterborough Police Service mark one year serving Cavan Monaghan

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

A year ago Peterborough Police began providing service to the Township of Cavan Monaghan.
Today the service held a community outreach session in Millbrook to garner public feeback on how they’ve been doing and where they should improve.
Greg Davis reports:

For the past year, Peterborough Police Constable William Trudeau has been serving in Cavan Monaghan Township where he’s become a familiar face in downtown Millbrook.

Trudeau: “I love it. I love rural policing it’s a nice change from the city.”

This week marks the one year anniversary Peterborough Police Service began patrolling the township which had previously been in the OPP’s jurisdiction.

The anniversary was marked with a meet and greet Thursday morning at Pastry Peddler on King Street where officers welcomed feedback from those they serve.

Police Chief Murray Rodd: “Our officers are getting to be known by the merchants and patrons in the villages. And we have neighbourhood relationships now that are established and positive.
we’re evolving very well.”

Millbrook business owners and residents say the presence of the six officers for the township is both noticed … and welcomed.

Nancy Fallis, owner of Oasis Boutique: “They’re always there if there’s a problem it’s very easy to get in touch with them because of their contact with the township office.
it’s wonderful.”

Deborah Tobin, Cozy Mattress and Bed: “It is nice to know the community is looked after and that the police are available when you need need.  They do an excellent job and they’re there when you need them right away.

Streeter: “I think it’s great we certainly seen more presence in the area.”

Kate de Klerck, owner Quilter’s Bolt “We’ve seen a lot more presence in the village. They’re very friendly and always stop in to say hello it has been great.”

Mayor Scott Mcfadden says he and council echo those sentiments. he says there’s also a financial windfall for the three year, 3.6 million dollar contract.

Mcfadden: Right off the bat we were saving about a quarter of a million dollars. Based on our taxes every 1 per cent increase represents about 50 thousand dollars. Right off the hop there was a 5 per cent reduction that we are able to appreciate right off the bat.

Rodd: The municipality has provided welcome revenues to our service ….it’s a very peaceful, safe community so not a huge demand on our service.

As for Constable Trudeau, he welcomes patrolling on a more personal level.

Trudeau: “The demand for calls is less so it makes for a nice pace.”

Greg Davis CHEX Newswatch Millbrook

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