Scary clowns raising money for charity-and feeling the heat

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Scary clowns raising money for charity-and feeling the heat

“Our goal is to promote what we’re doing for a good cause, some people take it the wrong way.”
Luke Heard wants to buy a new wheelchair for little Khloe Madgett, a four year old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
To do that,
he and his friends have created a haunted house on Rye Street….
And dress up as scary clowns to promote the event across the city.
“There are people who are just loving it, and there’s just¬†people who hate it. So 95 per cent of people love it, and 5 per cent hate it, and I totally understand,” Heard said.

For Heard and his friends,
the creepy clown costume is all in good fun.
They’re getting people to take pictures with them to promote Heard’s Hell House on social media.
But not everyone is in on the joke. Heard: “One guy came across the street and said he was going to stab us.”
Heard’s promotion comes at a time when stories about creepy clowns lurking in the shadows are dominating the headlines….
and terrifying the coulrophobic…those who have an intense fear of clowns.
“It’s not an offence to dress up as a clown,” says Peterborough Police spokesperson Lauren Gilchrist.
Peterborough police say they haven’t received a direct complaint about sinister clowns…
Though they’re aware of a few rumours circulating on social media all comes down to intent…
That it’s one thing to scare someone for fun…
But anyone donning a frizzy red wig to maliciously terrify children and passers-by could face numerous criminal charges.
“Trespassing, public mischief, uttering threats, possession of a weapon, enticing a child, and possibly assault if you were holding a weapon in such a manner that a person did feel threatened by it,” she said.
And while Heard says the occasional bad reaction to his costume is unfortunate,
it hasn’t discouraged¬†him from his end goal of getting that wheelchair for Khloe.
“We just want to help somebody who needs our help.”
Heard’s Hell House is on Rye Street at Zap Laser Tag, and runs each weekend leading up to Halloween.

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