Snowy Ridge Wind Farm “too loud”

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Snowy Ridge Wind Farm "too loud"

The wind turbines are up and they’re now generating electricity…
But, the Snowy Ridge Wind Farm near Bethany is also generating complaints from nearby residents who say it’s too loud.
Mark Giunta reports.

They’ve been churning up controversy in former Manvers Township for the last 6 years.
But, now five industrial wind turbines are up and running at the Snowy Ridge Wind Farm near Bethany.
It’s something that’s lead to many protests and appeals.
And now, some residents like Robert Morrison say the turbines are too loud.

“Some days, especially when there’s a predominant wind from the east or south, I am aware of the noise they generate and it’s unique sound.”

A sound Morrison likens to a low flying jet plane.
He says the turbines which have been spinning for about two weeks, have disrupted his sleep a few times.

“I woke up and our bedroom windows face the turbines. I couldn’t get back to sleep because of this weird jet engine sound going on in the background.”

He’s not alone in launching a complaint.
Ron Awde, who was a part of the appeal, has contacted the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

“The ministry was clear on the issue of noise and it was we can build it. And then if there is a problem, we’ll mitigate it. And maybe that’s if it bothers people at night, we’ll turn it off at night.”

Heather Stauble is the city councillor for this area.
She says she’s received a number of complaints since the turbines were turned on.
But, during the appeal, noise wasn’t considered by the Environmental Review Tribunal.

“The wind company Capstone, brought forward a motion to have all of the noise testimony excluded, the ERT granted that motion. The result was all of the witness statements regarding noise were redacted.”

Our calls and emails to Capstone weren’t returned.

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