Blue Jays fever returns to Peterborough as ALC revs up

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Blue Jays fever returns to Peterborough as ALC revs up

The opening pitch is at 8:08 p.m.
But if you’re planning on watching the game at a downtown bar like One Eighty Hunter, you may want to get there early.
“We expect people to be watching from outside the windows,” laughed Scott Carroll, a bartender at 180 Hunter.
Tonight is the first night of the American League Championship series between the Blue Jays and Cleveland,
a highly anticipated match that’s sure to bring out the blue bird’s Peterborough fans.
And Carroll says this place is ready for them.

“I feel everyone just has like a good time. Especially when the Jays are playing. It doesn’t happen often, that they get to the AL,” Carroll said.
Too bad for Carroll, he has to work and focus more on serving drinks than who’s on first.
“I try to keep my eye out, but usually I just try to feed off how the crowd is going. If everyone is cheering I assume we’re doing well,” he said.
And when it comes to dressing the part,
National Sports on George Street says Blue Jays gear is
hotter than a ball park frank.

“Oh we’re very busy with the stuff, if you’re going to a game, or just watching at home with friends and family, a lot of the stuff is selling,” sales associate Derek Nelson said.
Fans can buy everything from traditional jerseys to toys and scarves and the store’s most popular seller, this “We Came to Reign,” hoodie.
“Those are the ones everyone sees the Blue Jays wearing on TV, so everyone seems to want to get those ones,” Nelson said.

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