Spartan Race at Port Hope High School

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Spartan Race at Port Hope High School

With the new school year underway, many students are spending time building school spirit. This afternoon, the Port Hope High School Spartans held, appropriately, a Spartan race.  Steve Guthrie has the story.

(sound up kids cheering)

A Spartan race consists of a run at the beginning and end, with a series obstacles, tests of strength and agility in between.

sound up hay bales” ooof ”

Karen Watson , Race Organizer

“I thought I wanted to pump things up this year. The spartan race is popular right now and our kids may enjoy a similar race”

The 9 obstacles include two dirt crawls, a Hercules hoist, a tire pull, log carry, sandbank carry and a straw bale climb.      Port Hope High and Dr. Hawkins senior elementary school share the building on Highland Drive. 16 student teams from the high school, 21 from the elementary school and 3 teacher teams took part in the race.   All competitors had a component of the race they had a challenge with.


“The running”

“The crawling, it’s hard on my skin”

“The running”

“The hardest part?  Probably carrying the logs”

“The running, I’m not a runner”

“Every part of it.  A diet of Macdonalds does not help”

“The running, Hahahaha. No really, it was great, it was awesome it was great working with my collegs and doing it together”

Karen Watson , Race Organizer

” Well, it’s a small school and we lose some  kids to bigger schools and we just wanted to show other schools we have school spirit too , and just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t do great things”

Watson says with the success of today’s race, they want to make it an annual event. Steve Guthrie CHEX Newswatch Port Hope.

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